2009/10/1 - BMEVESEA103
General Chemistry Lab

Laboratory policy: Laboratory practice begins at 14.15 PM every tuesday and lasts until 18.00. Every lab starts with a short test (2-3 simple questions) on the recent and the previous experiments. You can prepare for the tests and exercises from the lab notes at this home page. Every experiment (except the ones explicitly marked by the professor) must be finished on the day assigned to it. A report about the exercise is to be handed in by no later than next tuesday. Late reports get at most 50% of the points. Reports handed in later than next thursday will not be graded. Failing to paticipate on the exercises will result in failing the lab. One exercise can be repeated at the end of the semester (a medical certficate explaining the reason of absence is required).

At the beginning of the first laboratory exercise (second week) a test will be written about the safety rules. This is compulsory for the work in the laboratory.
Prepare from this material:
Safety rules and regulations

Laboratory exercises
Week Date Preparations Measurements
1. 09.07. Introduction to the laboratory work  
2. 09.21. Purification of KAl2(SO4)3 by recrystallisation
Preparation of CaCO3.
3. 09.28. Preparation of chlorides  
4. 10.05. Preparation of sulphates  
5. 10.12. Preparation of sulphates II.
Determination of melting point
6. 10.19. Distillation  
7. 11.02.   Determination of the boiling point
8. 11.09. Sublimation  
9. 11.16.   Colorimetric determination of pH
10. 11.23. Electrochemistry  
11. 11.30. Repeat excercise